An Assisted Driving Nissan Leaf?

This report is from earlier this year, but as we inch closer to an announcement about the 2018 Nissan Leaf, this CleanTechnica article certainly adds to the excitement surrounding the Gen 2 version. “The second generation of the Nissan LEAF will feature the company’s ProPilot technology — allowing for autonomous travel on highways under many... Continue Reading →

Nissan Leaf Is Beating The Chevy Bolt In Sales

According to the trusty scorecard of InsideEVs, Chevy moved 978 EV Bolts in March, while nearly 1,500 Leafs were sold. For what’s supposed to be the first Real Marketable EV, that’s some flimsy numbers for the Bolt.  Read more here. - [Hint, they are stumped as to why.]

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